Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Counting down to the 23rd: Casely-Hayford

After a couple of weeks of us excitedly counting down and marking the calender with x's, the big day has arrived. The whole day just highlights the volume of menswear talent we have in the capital and we can't wait for it to begin. To mark this occasion we have a little treat for you. To conclude our countdown series of interviews we have caught up with father and son design team, Casely-Hayford and have an exclusive first look at the leading image from their SS10 look book, Kings of the Kingsland...

SS: What were your inspirations for the collection?
Charlie Casely-Hayford: This season is called 'Journeys through the Kings Land' and documents the trans-cultural mix that is so prevalent on Kingsland Rd in East London.

It enabled us to work with the hand embroidery (embroidered brogues) and print inspired by the turkish artisans at one end of the Kingsland, Strong colour mixes of the African community from the other, as well as fusing the signature aristocratic style of newly landed public school boys and the clean and streamlined modernistic sportswear of london rudeboys.

SS: What are you most looking forward to showing on the 23rd September?
Charlie Casely-Hayford: Unveiling our new style tribe to the world. We call them 'Afropunks.'

SS: Have you got any anecdotes of making the collection that you can share?
Charlie Casely-Hayford: We have had to force one of our models to wear our Allotment Creepers (a combination of brothel creepers and allotment keepers sandals) in a size 8, he a size 11 on a good day. I'm a little worried he may never walk again.

SS: What item of clothing (if any) do you wish that more men wore?
Charlie Casely-Hayford: Neckerchiefs - they have a beautiful sensibility about them that is often mistaken for overt femininity and so are consequently often disregarded as a staple wardrobe piece.

SS: Aside from your own, which collections are you looking forward to seeing?
Charlie Casely-Hayford: All the H's. Mr. Hare and H by Harris. Also the Sibling knitwear is definitely doing it for me.

An exclusive look at the leading image from their SS10 Collection, Kings of the Kingsland...more on this later.

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