Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Fashion156's LFW Preview Issue

You might have noticed that I am more than a little excited by the fast approaching Menswear Day at LFW. As I've been far from wowed by the goings on at New York (of course there are elements that I enjoyed, the hair and overall styling of Phillip Lim, the bow shorts in Duckie Brown and Patrick Ervell's fabric experimentation to name just three things but I've generally found the shows to be lacking) I am somewhat impatiently tapping my fingers and clock watching, willing the days onward so I can take my place at Somerset House to enjoy the showcase. Guy and his team at Fashion156 have increased my heartbeat and turned my hands a little clammy with the unveiling of their Preview Issue. You will notice that the site is even more aesthetically pleasing than usual and the features have been tweaked, improved and added to which all combine to push it at the forefront of online fashion magazines. The latest editorial features looks by some on my favourite London based designers including Carolyn Massey, Katie Eary, Omar Kashoura, and Satyenkumar whilst reintroducing me to names I've heard but are not really familiar with, for example Marko Mitanovski and Studio 805. I caught up with Guy earlier this evening to discuss the latest shoot, his thoughts on the 23rd and what the new site has in store for us.

Hat and top from Katie Eary's S/S 2010 collection.

On the Menswear day...
"I have heard the comments that the day has limited impact because most buyers have already spent their budgets by this point in the season. This may be true but for me it is more about showcasing amazing creativity. Creativity that isn't restrained by commercial requirements. That should come later, once a designer has established their name. I feel that the day should continue to nurture and support the new talent and give these designers a platform. If there are great designs on show, customers will see it online and soon start demanding these pieces.

Jacket, shorts and top from Omar Kashoura's S/S 2010 collection.

On what he is most looking forward to seeing on the 23rd...
"To be honest, all of it. I really love styling menswear and the shows are just so inspiring and are featuring so many designers that I greatly admire for pushing the boundaries. I've had a sneak preview of Katy Eary's collection and it is amazing."

Jacket, trousers and shirt from Satyenkumar's S/S 2010 collection.

On his favourite looks...
"Katy Eary was worth the wait. Her looks turned up five minutes before we were being thrown out of the location so we had capture the shots and film them in less than two minutes. A bit too close for comfort."

Shorts, jacket, top and shoes from Topman Design's S/S 2010 collection.

On any surprises...
"To be honest nothing really surprised me because menswear evolves at a slower pace. Looking at it now though it is great how KOMAKINO is really starting to get recognition (or should that be ripped off) for all their segmentation and cut-outs. I feel this is going to be a massive trend next summer. See our HYPE page."

Jacket, shirt and shorts from B Store's S/S 2010 collection.

On the designers to look out for in the next twelve months or so.
"We featured some new names in this shoot. Marko Mitanovski produced strong, sculptural pieces; Studio 805 is playing with proportions in an interesting way. Most of your readers will know him, but I just feel Craig Lawrence is going to take-off in the next few months. (See our film!)"

Trousers and jacket from Carolyn Massey's S/S 2010 collection.

On the new site and what to look forward to...
"It has just been confirmed that we are showcasing again this season at LFW! I am so happy about this, as it is so great for getting our name out there. The new site is still being fine tuned but it is getting a great reaction. There will be more films for sure, as seeing our shoots come to life is something I am just really excited about. In a few weeks our brand new MEMBERS zone launches and it will act as a showcase for designers, illustrators, photographers, writers and just people who want to create a page with great images. We are launching some great competitions too - there is lots going on.


Giancinephile said...

That backpack from Massey is so covetable...

Amy said...

I feel your excitement despite living miles away and agree about New York. Fashion156 looks great.


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