Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Sweating in the name of fashion

During my twitter coverage of Menswear Day I mentioned to getting a tad warm and even little sweaty as the day wore on. Now, I'm not normally a sweaty chap, if I get a little hot under the collar I normally give off a healthy glow (ha!). The reasons for my slight over heating are twofold. Firstly, it was a warm, muggy day which would not have seemed out of place in the month of July but did so in the later stages of September and I was taken a by surprise. Secondly and most tellingly, I wanted to give my Carolyn Massey AW09 cable knit its first outing because it was the perfect occasion to do so...regardless of the climate! The below shot was taken at the mid point of the day when tiredness was creeping in but as it was taken by our flat guest, Phil from Street Peeper, I'm laughing because he is such a funny chap!

Carolyn Massey knit, trusty backpack by Material Boy, white t shirt and pleated grey wool trousers both by COS, socks from uniqlo and Stingray Orwells by Mr Hare. Shot by the lovely Street Peeper.

After inspecting the knitwear pieces up close (at the studio and at the Reflect Forward exhibition) I was left gushing at the cable knit pattern and I needed to own a piece and this one was just perfect. I have been in possession of this beautiful knit since mid July and it has been almost painful having to see it every morning and not having the opportunity to feel the soft, warmth of the wool because of the sporadic days of sticky sunshine we experienced at the tail end of Summer (oh boo hoo, I hear you cry and I have to concede that you'd be right but bear with me). Well, the opportunity to wear the knit to Carolyn's show and to support British menswear on the day proved too enticing and I teamed it with the best of the High Street and finished it off with those shoes. Despite seeing some folks in Spring/Summer attire I dashed from show to show, a little warm but extremely pleased. I can't wait for the temperature to drop that bit more so I can wear my knits every day!


Matthew Spade said...

it sometimes can be a day ruiner, the sweatiness in a jumper but who cares! you did it and looked ace. bravo on the woollies.

ps the word verification says: urlate

Mr Brown said...

Whatever the item if you look uncomfortable in it you won't have done it justice.

Good intention but a shame.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Mat: Here is to the colder months!
Mr Brown: I don't think I look uncomfortable in it. Glowing yes but it is the comfiest thing I've ever worn! A onesie in cotton wool couldn't be more comfortable than this outfit.

Mouse said...

I doubt Steve looked uncomfortable in his outfit. I've seen him slice the tip of his finger off and still not look uncomfortable! (Maybe just mildly panicked...)

I do really love this jumper though. It would be nice to see more of this auberginey wine colour now it actually is getting a bit cooler outside - it makes me think of woolly socks and crackling fires!

LivesLostInBlack said...

I totally forgot to check out your Orwell Stingrays before the b store show. darn.

naboonies said...

You look pretty comfortable to me in this pic. Nice detail on the shoulders by the way.

Mr Brown said...

Never had sweaty down as comfortable.

Still, different strokes for different folks.

Cutting dash said...

Yep! done this before, a few times actually and never learned. It's the most uncomfortable thing especially if you're carrying a backpack on your back.

Blank Label said...

fashion over function!

we could grow up 2gether said...

aren't chu a cutie!

Miggy said...

I didn't smell a hint of BO on you that day. You looked spiffing in fact.

Spiffing is such a good word.
I think i'm going to use it lots for the rest of the day.




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