Friday, 25 September 2009

Picture Postcard: Fantastic Man minus the trousers

As you all know, I picked up the latest issue of Fantastic Man last week and every chance I get I either wax lyrical about it to anyone who has a spare ear or when that gets too annoying for those around me, I re-read it, quietly nodding and whooping inside. Inside the first few pages of the fantastic issue, I was greeted with the news that Jop van Bennekom, Gert Jonkers et al were finally unveiling a new website. Fans of the magazine will know that it used to be little more than a holding page with the opportunity to take the odd scan from the pages inside. It was far from fantastic. It has however relaunched as a full on interactive website, with a forum, a daily recommendation (today's is rising menswear design talent, Christopher Shannon) and my favourite aspect, a monthly outfit post entitled ‘the look’. We are told that this feature "is a monthly suggestion of an illuminating mode of dressing for gentlemen of the modern age."

Mr. Oliver Evans is wearing a long-length double-breasted jacket from Yves Saint Laurent over a white T-shirt from Sunsprel. His long johns are from Comme Des Garcons. The brown lace-up shoes are from Church's and the black briefcase is from Tom Ford.

"This September it’s time to go back to work, and revealed here are the unforeseen benefits of a longer line jacket lest one forget to wear trousers." The Yves Saint Laurent Jacket used here is beautiful. Over the course of the last month or two I have encountered the sight of a number of packages (mostly small) and the look would certainly have benefited from a longer jacket or actual trousers because I'd rather not have anything like that in my eye line!


Isabelle said...

Jel! My copy hans't arrived yet, bloody postal strike..


No way.Check out my fashion blog THE WORLD on Blogger said...

Oh, I didn't know about the website - ta. I was well chuffed to find the new issue in my Man goody bag. And have you tried to FM fragrance? They have it at Liberty. It's fab.


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