Friday, 4 September 2009

Style Stalking... Jeffrey Ko

You might think that we have been a bit quiet on the Style Stalking series in recent weeks but we have spent the time drawing up a list of people to 'stalk'. One fellow worth lurking in the shadows for is Jeffrey Ko. Jeffrey is an Architecture Student and Freelance Designer who lives with our good friend John Howard Little and every time we have seen him we are in awe of how he layers designer with high street as well as his impeccable use of accessories. As soon as we found out he was going on a two month break to Shanghai and Hong Kong we asked him to send us style postcards. You can thank us later for sharing them with you. Make sure you click the images to view them in a larger size- it's definitely worth it.

Day One:
Dior Homme Waist Coat, Comme des Garcon T-shirt, Local silk scarf from Shanghai, Casio Baby-G, Nike Sweatband, April 77 skinny jeans/trousers, Swear Shoes.

Day Two:
Black Shirt from Alternative, Electric blue bow from the Barbican Shop, Casio Baby-G, Nike Sweatband, Red belt from Topman, April 77 shorts, Swear Shoes

Day Three:
Shirt from uniqlo, Casio vintage gold watch, Nike Sweatband, white belt from Zara, Skinny jeans from Topman, Liberty x Nike Dunks.

Day Four:
Shirt is by an unknown brand from Dover Street Market Sales, Nike Sweatband, Tissot watch, red belt from Topman, Cheap Monday jeans, Swear Shoes.

Day Five:
Topman shirt, Local silk scarf from Shanghai, Nike Sweatband, Tissot Watch, White belt from Zara, Skinny Jeans from Topman, Converse.

Day Six:
Prada Sunglasses, Dior Homme Shirt, Uniqlo sweat shirt, Nike Sweatband, Casio baby-G, April 77 Shorts, Swear Shoes.

Day Seven:
Hat from Topman. Self Designed T-shirt, Shorts from Hurwendeki, Liberty x Nike dunks.



Anonymous said...

Amazing style!

chael said...

amazing dunks! i totally just googled for like ten minutes looking around for them, haha.

TheSundayBest said...

Jeffrey - this is Thomas. Eat a sandwich.

John said...

I love this style of photo layout so much, nice to see the details. Looking amazing as always Jeffrey! You have an excellent casual walking pose, you will have to teach me your secret...

Style Salvage Steve said...

Anonymous: I know! I wish I dressed that well and varied when I go on my holidays!
Chael: Susie snapped up a pair but they are so hard to find now. I think we were too slow. Our only hope is if they turn up on ebay.
TheSundayBest: You eat a sandwich...whilst you're making one why not make me one? Thankyou.
John: He's a natural in front of the camera, I wish I had an ounce of his cool! Can I join in on your classes?

JFK* said...

Steve: Thanks for inviting me to do this! It was fun posing around in historical chinese sites!!!

TheSundayBest: From my look, I need to eat more than a sandwich, more like 5000 pigs!!!!

John: The person to thank for the photos is Li, obviously she was behind it all. The secret behind the casual walk is to make sure no one you know is around you (aside from the photographer), look away from the camera and just walk!!!! And if you were in the chinese heat, you too would just like to walk off as soon as possible!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog so much! But this style looks pretty average. Each item is really lovely, but the fit of it on his body and the way he pairs it together is maybe not what I might consider as "nice".

Emma Homestay Bandar Tasik Puteri said...

The quirky accessories brighten up his rather simple clothes!

Style Salvage Steve said...

JFK: Thanks so much for doing this! Although your posing in and around historical Chinese sites makes us want to go away on holiday.
Anonymous: Thanks for the blog love. I think Jeffrey's style is anything but average, you should see me on holiday! Ha! We should do a follow up post with him though when he is back in London just to showcase his full wardrobe, it really is something to envy!
Naboonies: I love the detail shots of the accessories. Don't be surprised if you see us replicate something similar in our next batch of outfit posts.

Anonymous said...

I love that he has so many different looks with a limited number of key items - the way he mixes and matches them is very inspiring!

Blank Blog said...

thats a really killer tie. almost like an ascot.
i really love this guy's style
its fresh and young.
his use of colors is awesome too


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