Sunday, 6 September 2009

Super Soft Sunday

Omar Kashoura AW09 Cardigan worn with Unconditional bib t shirt.

I've been a fan of Omar Kashoura from the moment I first laid hands on a deconstructed cardigan hanging on the rails of The Shop at Bluebird two years ago and I've been following his career and wearing that cardigan ever since. AW09 saw the London Based designer unleash his first full collection Man Boy, since his graduation from his Masters at Central Saint Martins. A few months ago I had the opportunity to inspect the collection up close and a great deal caught my eye.

Texture and fabric were major themes. There were soft jersey tee shirts with layered squares of fabric for a sculptural effect, not to mention transparent plastic boleros but I had my heart stolen by yet another deconstructed cardigan. It was just so soft to the touch and I just had to have it. The problem is the cardigan was delivered to Susie's office and now she has fallen under the spell of its touch. It is just another recent purchase that I will have to keep under lock and key from fear of her sucking it up and appropriating it for herself. Initially, I assumed it was just a soft jersey but then I looked at the label and it is made from 100% Micromodal. A little research suggets that this artifical fibre is mainly used for underwear. I commented about the feel of the fabric to Omar and he confessed that his interns had talked about using scraps of it as toilet paper, it certainly beats Andrex but what a waste! It is simply the softest fabric I've ever worn and I have to stop myself from just stroking my arms when I wear it out.

Omar Kashoura AW09 Cardigan worn with Unconditional bib t shirt, COS wool trousers, purple Uniqlo socks and patent shoes by Swear.

After abstaining from buying anything new for quite some time, the purchase of Mr. Hare's Stingray Orwells have well and truly broken the floodgates and these past dew weeks I have been on a shopping binge. Despite being a little generous to myself with the purchase of various wardrobe boosters I fell that I've only bought things that I truly covet and in some instances actually need. Now, I'll stop making excuses for my shopping habits and just get back to stroking the cardigan...


Emma Homestay Bandar Tasik Puteri said...

The draping on the cardie is interesting, and it sure looks soft to touch.

A piece of fabric as toilet paper? In the place where I live people just use water to clean that... errr thing.

Happy stroking, but beware of the electrostatic!

lb said...

The draping is beautiful! The whole outfit looks really great. Eager to see your other new purchases.

snappy said...

Luving the drape and style...

Izzy said...

Love the cardigan, and the shirt, and socks, everything.. but I cant help but notice the haircut. You're looking sharp! Cutting it close o the sides is always very flattering. And I'm noticing some highlights on there too, natural or not, looks good!

Thrifty Beatnik said...

Hi guys

My eye is always draw to a grey cardigan / jacket. Have you a heads up on the jacket that Steve is wearing in the top right there. It's pretty damn nice.

Anyway I've been following you guys for a while now and was inspired to do a [lower rent] daily version about men's vintage clothing.

Apoligies for the shameful plug

Keep up the good work

Style Salvage Steve said...

Naboonies: Ha, no electro static as yet!
LB and Snappy: Thanks so much! Shouldn't have to wait too long for more new purchase inspired outfit posts.
Izzy: Ha, thanks Izzy! I've decided to up my game for this Autumn. I can get somewhat lazy on the style stakes during Summer but I always look forward to Autumn. The highlights are just being a little sunskissed, I can't be out in it too long though because I burn!
Thrifty Beatnik: Thanks for stopping by and for letting us know about your blog! I too am drawn to all things grey. The jacket in the top right shot is a suit jacket I picked up from a London store called Hurwendeki. Kepp up the good work too.

Giancinephile said...

Looks like someone got a haircut... haha

Style Salvage Steve said...

Giancinephile: I actually had it cut a month a go now. Before this was shot I was complaining that I needed a trim. It looks much shorter here than it actually is, haha!

Blank Label said...

hmm.. that does look like an awfully soft cardigan. i recall being in a store (i think Bloomingdales), finding myself stroking a really soft sweater against my cheek. I kept sneaking strokes when ppl weren't looking.
it was awesome! bit weird of me, but totally worth it


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