Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Here come the hot steppers

Mr Hare's 'Hot Steppers' shot on location in Ibiza.

Mr. Hare proudly presents his SS10 'Hot Steppers' Collection throughout London Fashion Week and kicked things off with a stint at Jay Jopling's contemporary, White Cube gallery before taking his place in tomorrows Fashion East installations. I managed to sneak out undetected at work yesterday to pay a quick visit to Mr. Hare at his space inside the gallery. This act of blatant truancy was certainly worth it and it even led to a mention of the Q word on our twitter page (I promise not to use it as a superlative ever again). Plus I got to see an awesome Gormley installation which combined with the collection utterly blew my mind.

Despite salivating over the soft leathers and cut away uppers, we were going to refrain from posting any images until tomorrow but then we saw that the folks at Selectism have posted a Q&A with our favourite shoe fanatic along with a few shots from his latest look book during their curating stint at Wallpaper and the resolve buckled.

The lovely OO0OO posted this image earlier today. It is of little surprise that this pair of reworked Millers has made it on to his Spring2010 wish list already.

The collection demonstrates Mr Hare fighting the urge to just rock slouchy shoes in the summer months. It is inspired by his personal dilemma of what to wear to a central American/Carribean dancehall as a shoeist. Similarly to the 'Purest Form' this collection is named after his heroes but as his debut collection was named after his literary greats here the styles are named after his favourite dancehall generals. Cachao, King Tubby, J.Dilla, Jerry Lee Lewis and even Phil Spector all feature. The below pair of tasselled slips ons are my current favourites but expect this to change plus much more spring summer shoe porn in the coming day or two. As the man himself declared in our countdown to the 23rd series of mini interviews, these are shoes which allow you to move through a room like Andrey Arshavin...Here comes the hot stepper, murderer, I'm the lyrical gangster...
Still love you like that, murderer


Iamgant said...

I am in admiration for such blazen truancy! Nice photography, with a christmas theme. A friend mentioned a tartan blazer can work with these type of shoes.

Syed said...

Gah can't wait to see more photographs of the collection. Mr Hare had me drooling over the last releases! Hope you're having a gorgeous day :)

tanya said...

you skipped work to check out these shoes? steve you're such a badass :)
finding it unfair that these shoes get a holiday to ibiza and i dont.

we could grow up 2gether said...

the tassel ones are MINE!

Blank Label said...

god the half suede, tan leather toe cap shoes are sexy!
i also love the tasseled slip ons. <3

naboonies said...

Great selections! I love the tasseled number too.. no scratch that, I'm loving ALL of them.


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