Friday, 25 September 2009

Lodger's Reverse Auction at Midday

Lodger have recently launched their twitter page and will be sharing a few updates on what they’re working on that won’t be mentioned anywhere else whilst causing a little stir every Friday. We spoke to Nathan during our interviews earlier last month (here and here) and the main idea is to use Twitter to add a little excitement to all of our Fridays.

Every Friday they will host a reverse auction for a pair of Lodger shoes. The pair will start out at the retail price and drop £2 every minute. For the first auction they’re going to put a custom-made pair of their September Shoe of the Month, the breathtaking Kudu Brogued Boot, on the block. What a way to pass the time on a Friday afternoon! When Steve declared that he had succumbed to their flirtatious glances and ordered a pair a number of your eyes turned green, well here's your chance to own your own pair. The winning bidder will get to select his favourite colour (Steve prefers the grey whilst EJ favours the tan) and a pair will be made with his name hand written inside. The first bidder to get in touch via, email, phone, or venturing in to the shop itself gets the shoes at the price of the moment. How long can you hold your nerve? Happy bidding! Let us know how you get on.


John said...

These are amazing boots and its a great idea. Although, I just don;t have any money right now. I will save up for the next auction though.

Blank Label said...

that's a neat way to sell! i love the brown boots and the cracked leather look!

Anonymous said...

Oh darn it, I totally missed this. Do you know how much they went for?

StyleSalvage said...

Anon- about £230 I believe. It'll be happening again next week (different pair of shoes though) so you've not missed out completely.


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