Thursday, 10 September 2009

Fashion's big night out: Dover Street Market

I'm sure that I wasn't the only one who has enjoyed a little late night shopping tonight. I say shopping but it was more of a casual perusal than an evening of consumerism for me. More than two hundred central London stores came together in a heady mix of special offers, one-off designs, in-store activities and extended opening hours. There was just so much to choose from and there was a definite buzz and ringing of tills throughout town. I chose to spend my evening at Dover Street Market because it was celebrating its fifth anniversary and had lots of in store goodies.

The main attraction for me was to toast the launch of Casely-Hayford's Special Tailoring service.
I was fortunate enough to meet Joe for the first time and to chat with Charlie about the new service and what the pair have coming up. Of course I gushed once again about how much I love their AW09 collection but I managed to compose myself partly enough to take in the ins and outs of the latest offering. Having evolved a signature slim-fit British Silhouette, Casely-Hayford plan to apply the highest Savile Row methods through their Special Tailoring Service for their made-to-measure suits and jackets. For the newly launched Special Tailoring Service the sartorial proposal ranges from half hand-made to fully hand-made suits and includes signature house details such as the half-penny curved cuffs, shaped military sleeve with prominent sleevehead, moulded one-piece collar, high underarm point, shaped out breast welt pocket and a fully canvassed front.

The whole experience sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon. The customer will be presented with a sample set of gauge jackets and trousers. From these signature blocks he will be able to select a jacket or suit, finished to his preferred specifications from the options offered within the range of cloths, linings, features, and trim details. Orders will then be crafted through their specialist tailoring work rooms in Japan. I want to experience the Special Tailoring Service!

A recent shot of the Stingrays by a pond. Worn with grey socks and purple jeans, both by Uniqlo.

While chatting to the Casely-Hayford's I bumped in to Mr. Hare. It was a chance for my Stingray Orwells to meet their maker once again. I looked down hoping to see him wearing the Stingrays as well but instead he was sporting the Millers whilst looking very dapper indeed. It gave me the opportunity to recount my day of shoe love at the office today which I mentioned on twitter. I was stopped three times throughout the course of my day by people who wanted to stroke them. Of course I let them, I'm not used to being asked such a thing but I felt like a walking Aquarium afterwards... a little dirty even but in a good way. How did you all fare during fashion's big night?


Giancinephile said...

Now, that sounds like a lovely evening...

As for the shoes, it does feel weird almost like being molested in a way. It's just an odd thing but well,well, well everything and anything for the love of shoes!

Barima said...

I ended up furnishing Adrian Joffe with Style Time's address - quite the surreal way to end the evening - seemingly on account of wearing my purple Junya jacket, which every employee recognised on sight. He's quite a gent

It would have been an excellent "coincidence" to have run across each other tonight, but my friends and I didn't arrive until around 9.30. The important thing was that we all had fun

HMcK said...

My night involved rapidly dashing from some impromptu shopping to a showing of avant garde video work at Digitaria and catching the last moments of the Vogue party at Harvey Nicks. As for not arriving until late, those of us with the stamina for making the most of the occasion didn't end til much later and as I stumbled out of a taxi and through my front door at 6am I came to the conclusion I may have over indulged...


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