Tuesday, 16 September 2008

An eye for an eye in London - JW Anderson

Like me, I'm sure that more than quite a few are itching to see if the menswear on offer in London goes someway to fill the dull, commercial vacuum that was the majority of offerings in New York. I've been looking forward to JW Anderson's collection for some time. Partly because I'm a fan of his work and partly because the model fittings took place in my new flat's building which intrigued me greatly, as there were signs placed around the building saying somewhat creepy things like 'Boys this way'. Anyway...what better way to kick off the menswear proceedings than with Anderson taking a step forward (with more wearable offerings), the show was titled 'An Eye for an Eye.' For Robbie Spencer of DazedDigital the show was "was drenched in historical referencing, inspired by religious paraphernalia, mythical characters and societies bound in traditions" and I couldn't put it better myself, so I didn't. Anyway, here are my picks:

EJ - Check out the model in the bottom left who also featured in DazedDigital's top 7 models from New York.

From my picks above you can see that this is something of a breakthrough collection for Anderson, that had aspects of commercially viability that is sure to please buyers and customers alike whilst catering for the editorial eye. The designer says he would 'like to see Great Britain become a men's fashion country again', and I think he is certainly one of the designers who is going to make this dream a reality.


Anonymous said...

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j said...

I agree. I like the general look and all of it is wearable.

Izzy said...

love the styling. and the look on the upper left corner makes me reconsider short sleeved jackets...

TheSundayBest said...

Why, if I'm not mistaken that would be EJ's cousin.

It certainly does more to take fashion out of the mall than NY did - but I'm still not sold. I need someone to WOW me.

Ca said...

Hmmm... intriguing mix. I also like the short sleeved jacket!


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