Wednesday, 8 April 2009

A different Ken

New Look Ken...yours for £179.99

Firstly, apologies for the random post...put it down to me being excited by the upcoming four day weekend and the delightful Spring weather we have been treated to recently. I have to admit that I was a little perplexed as to what to post today as whatever it was would be the burger to the buns of TheSundayBest's (man, that sounds wrong) style diary. As most burgers are a little fake and leave a strange taste in the mouth, I just had to turn to Ken (apologies for the tenuous link, ha!). To celebrate Barbie's fifty years of iconic status there has been much hoo-ha and fanfare and even Ken has got in on the action and received a makeover by none other than Gareth Pugh. I got to inspect the new Ken at the Barbie Party at DSM last night...I'd like to add that my masculinity was restored in time for the football.

Pugh wanted his Ken 'to be outside the confines of what is acceptable' and he certainly mixed it up a little. To make the stiff plastic man a little more contemporary he gave Ken a rather awesome black PVC coat (a scaled down version of one from his debut menswear collection) and some skinny black trousers. Personally, I think the hair is a style feature too far but aside from that it is refreshing to see Ken looking so good.

As a nipper I was obsessed with all forms of action figures and I was something of a spoilt child, my favourites being The Turtles (drove my whole family mad with my obsession to collect every model), Bucky O'Hare, The A-Team (I liked their soft heads and used to bite them) but none of my figures were interesting sartorially speaking...there certainly were no outfit changes for any of my figures! Maybe it is time toy companies experimented with men's style for their toys of the future. Lets shape the sartorial choices of our children today. After seeing Tim Hamilton 's AW09 lookbook over on Blindman's Circus I'd love to sit down and play with a Hamilton inspired doll.


~ Faith said...

Oh goodness! This is my kind of Ken doll! I wish I had the money... haha.


SOS! said...

swoooooooooooon!! now, if only I could enlarge him and make him my real gareth pugh wearing Ken..
xx-LJ from SOS!


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