Thursday, 16 April 2009

Playing in puddles

The Fashionisto brought one of the longest named collaborations we have ever come across to our attention yesterday but the fruits of this team up are certainly worth a follow up. We have truly entered the season of April showers and in truth I am fed up with my limited lightweight outerwear options and am therefore on the hunt for something new. The longest named collaboration is between Slow and Steady Wins the Race and the newly-found and wonderful store Stand-Up Comedy in Portland. The first installment provides a simple catalogue of rainwear staples inspired by Portland’s wet weather. The wet weather conquering options include trench coats, ponchos, rain boots, rain caps, umbrellas and even a cargo backpack carryall to ensure that we all stay dry.

The rain cape above has really got me excited. There is something about a torrential downpour and its aftermath which reduces us all to little children who love nothing more than playing in puddles and the very idea of a rain cape surely plays on this very point. The Fashonisto reliably informed me that in addition to being stocked at Stand Up Comedy, the collection will be available at Opening Ceremony, Hejfina, as well as a few other I might just be able to pick something up.


Robbie Delon said...

I had been looking for a rainy day and I was looking at a new trench coat again but now I think I should be buying one of these. Now the problem of getting to them still remains haha.

Unknown said...

Ooo I do love a bit of Slow and Steady...I wonder if my usual stockist will be getting these at all.

/Male Mode.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Robbie Delon: If I had limitless fund I would opt for the relaxed luxury of a Lanvin trench but alas my funds are limited so this collaboration could prove useful. I will hunt for stockists and get back to you.
Cillian: As I mentioned in the post this is a new store to me but am so pleased that I've stumbled across it.

Robbie Delon said...

Haha Steve don't bother going to all that trouble for me and even if you did I'm sure you won't find any in my area. Haha I live far away from Europe.

Cas Ruffin said...

Hmmm, a fashionable men's poncho. Looks good, but I think it can only be pulled off by a select few.

Hey Steve, you get my e-mail?


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