Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Picture Postcard: Inspiring Spring Style

Hey EJ!
Thankfully we are mere days away until you come down to the big smoke to help celebrate the long weekend! As you know (via a few emails and the odd gmail chat) these past few weeks I have been poring and obsessing over magazine after magazine but I just cannot help it, there has been so much to take in...many of it inspiring. The latest magazine which has left me excited is Milk X - I previously posted images from the Thom Browne SS09 editorial - but the two images above have really charged my pulse. Both of these shots come from an editorial showcasing the best fodder from Harvey Nichols' Spring Summer offerings.

These two striking and highly achievable looks are perfect for this nice weather we have been enjoying (please, let it continue...I'm getting used to the sunshine). The look on the left is described as Retro Elegance and it has left the biggest impression on me; everything from the lightweight summer hat to the casually rolled up trousers to the butter soft lace ups are absolutely spot on. The second look is termed College Preppy and I find the mix of fabrics and styles to be really interesting. This look is aimed at a braver man than some but the change in the season has given me a push to try something a little different. Fingers crossed that the weather holds and we can enjoy the perfect Spring weekend (and the odd, perfect shopping trip)...who knows we might just have to take a little trip to Harvey Nichols (I don't think I've ever actually been inside any of their stores).

Looking forward to your visit!


3 comments: said...

i love the shoes and bag from the picture on the right, do you know where it's from?

loving it!

StyleSalvage said...

00o00: Thought you might like it! Sadly, the editorial doesn't go in to any detail as to the brands used...just that all pieces come from Harvey Nichols' ss09 stock.

Tuffer said...

Must find milk x! The only "Milk" magazine I've seen is for kids high fashion. kinda cool (great pics, totally fashion mag), kinda creepy (kids in too grown up clothes, totally fashion magazine)


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