Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Picture Postcard: brown and blue

Hi Steve!

Currently you're getting yet another close up of the Carolyn Massey stuff and no doubt ordering half the collection while I'm home alone in my England shirt (bet you didn't know I had one of those- does the 90s count as retro yet?), but never mind. For I have the internet and Garance Dore to entertain me.

I love this shot, not least because this shirt is my favourite colour for a shirt ever. Look at that lovely shade of blue. Beautiful and so flattering. I love how good it looks with the brown and it reminded me that brown and blue make up a considerable proportion of your wardrobe... maybe this is something you should try out? I know that half our readers will see this look as being way too casual but I love this as a spring look, perhaps making sure you carry a scarf and an umbrella in the inevitable bag to fight against this vastly changeable weather we've been having.


Ha, is it weird that I thought of you when I came across this image on Garance Dore? I just knew it would catch your eye because of that shirt colour. Despite the fact that brown makes up a surprising amount of my wardrobe (alongside blue and grey) I do not recall mixing it too much but will certainly experiment. As the April showers will soon be on their way I am on the hunt for a new umbrella. I just loved the one featured in the recent Monocle fashion spread and think a burst of colour would make a refreshing change from the eye gauging mass of black which strikes both fear and dread in to me. Oh, I'm glad that Spring is here once more!

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