Monday, 6 April 2009

New Balls in aisle three...

Anyone for tennis?

I've often conceded that I'm a magazine addict (hey, admission of the problem is the first step to recovery). My physical dependency on glossy pages is not helped by the fact that I live with another self confessed addict. The flat has been consumed by piles and shelves full of magazines and this environment has only intensified dependency. In fact, Susie's collection has led to me developing a number of guilty pleasures (flicking through Teen Vogue whilst in the bath anyone?) and introduced me to a number of previously unheard of titles, just like Milk. Whilst I was marvelling at the wonders of Oily Boy, I have to admit that I had one eye on Susie's choice of reading material and the below editorial instantly caught my eye from issue 32 of Milk X.

For SS09 Thom Browne surprised us all with with a tennis embroidered line incorporating skirts and kilts, plaids paired with paisley and low cut trousers complete with terrycloth headbands and armbands. I certainly did not expect to see his vision of American Sportswear in the supermarket aisles - I would love to see such ensembles next time I pop down to my local Tesco Metro!

Last month the Cut revealed that there might not be a place for Browne's $5000 shrunken suits in the free falling world economy, I for one would be sad to see him go. Doubts over how practical and wearable his designs are frequently follow a mere mention of his name so it is refreshing to see his designs shot in such a mundane and everyday setting. Of course one or two looks appear somewhat ridiculous but they provoke thought and a little debat. The whole editorial reminds me that I really must throw a Wimbledon party this summer...the search for a wooden racket I must warn the neighbours that I'll be dressing up in short shorts.


Anonymous said...

Such a lovely editorial. Nice to see Thom Browne's work out in the 'real' world.

Ian said...
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Ian said...

Is there a website you could link us to if we'd like to find anything out about Milk X? The Milk website doesn't seem to have anything...

Ca said...

Yeah, short shorts for summer! Haha, I should put up a sign to warn my neighbours too.

But really, white shorts and navy blue jackets is my summer vision. Not so sure about headbands though.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Anonymous: You see lots of shrunken suits out there but does anyone wear Thom Browne? I agree, it would be nice to see it in the real world.
Ian Laughead: I was hunting for a link but to no avail. As far as I can tell Milk X is a biannual style magazine, much like GQ Style or Arena Homme Plus.
Ca: I think headbands is pushing it but I'll wear one for my party. I agree that a navy jacket worn with white shorts looks so fresh. I look forward to seeing your Summer style on your blog.

Michael said...

Something always very appealing about the contrast of the avant garde with the mundane.

Liking the blue jacket/white shorts look for summer. Classic, but very stylish.

Paul Pincus said...

i wear thom browne and thom browne black fleece! ... some of his work is just silly and some pieces are brilliant and timeless.

i like to think of the pieces (suits, coats) that i've collected as timeless.

amazing weblog, btw!

cheers, -paul pincus


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