Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Style Stalking... The Sunday Best

What better way to learn about a person's style than to style stalk them for a week? Last time we caused much collective salivation over Elliott James Sainsbury's wardrobe and we did not have to think too hard about who we wanted to feature next. Step forward Thom of The Sunday Best who jumped at the chance after confessing he was something of narcissistic bastard. Please sit back and become a voyeur as we are let in to the first four days in his shoes.

We will let him introduce his first few looks...

My first instinct was to go through my closet and put together my seven or so "best" outfits, but decorum and pride --what if my curated outfits were unadulterated crap-- got the better of me. So here, for better or worse, are the outfits I wore over a week at work. (In the interest of full disclosure these pictures were taken over two work weeks.) Let us begin.

Day One:
Standard work wear - v-neck, shirt, tie, cords and boat shoes. Here I am trying to usher in Spring but it is still freezing in Victoria. The tie is one of the many I've bought at Value Village, probably 25 now in total.

Day Two:
Casual Fridays don't mean much in government since people wear jeans and t-shirts on a regular basis. I guess this is why I tend to still wear ties on Friday, although I do like jeans at work. Unfortunately Clack Clack Empire, the store where I bought the Wrath Arcane shirt, has since closed.

Day Three:
More work uniform. The tie is a thick cotton from Dunderdon - thick cotton and wool are going to gradually replace all my silk ties.

Day Four:
Blurry photo plus inexplicable hands in pockets. This grey flannel suit is actually an A.P.C. blazer with Farah pants, since A.P.C. doesn't make a pair of pants that fit me.

The rest of the week's outfits with be accompanied by his shop recommendations later this week.


Ben Reynolds said...

Where's the jacket from in photo1?

Elliott James Sainsbury said...

Amazing. I love the plaid shirt, jealous of everything Thom wears... Looking forward to part two.

Ca said...

Thom the narcissist... haha, aren't we all?

Great and functional outfits. And I really need to find a pair of proper boat shoes soon.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Ben Reynolds: I;ve asked Thom and it is infact a women's coat (possibly from the 70) by some ungoogle-able brand called Harrot's.
Elliott James Sainsbury: I wish my work uniform looked as good. I just can;t think in the morning. Part two will be live on Thursday
Ca: We certainly are!

Ben Reynolds said...

Brilliant! I thought it was this: http://www.oipolloi.com/store/Kato-J4495WorkJacketNavy-4647.html

Pret a Porter P said...

I really enjoy how he dresses.

Jake Money said...

Interesting look into a week of office dress. I especially liked days 3 and 4.

Unknown said...

Dress me in Day 3, please.

/Male Mode.

Will from aTreasuryOf.com said...

I'd say much of the credit for these outfits' success can be laid on the Clark Kent-ish glasses.

They dweeb things up in a dynamite way!

Syed said...

Absolutely fantastic, love the 3rd and 4th looks. Both of those blazers are lovely.

El Bosquejo said...

I like day two's shirt worn as a jacket. I think The Sartorialist featured something like this before. A fresh alternative to the blazer.
- Paolo


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