Sunday, 19 April 2009

A surprising supplement to a Sunday morning

My idea of a perfect Sunday morning would always include a strong pot of coffee, a few slices of farmhouse loaf, a jar of marmalade and a selection of broadsheets. During the rest of the week the Internet satisfies any desire I have to catch up with what's what across the globe but Sunday requires a more traditional fix. This week, I may not have had any fresh bread in the flat, nor coffee but I was able to digest the Observer and the men's fashion supplement by Tank more than made up for anything else which was lacking. I was planning on giving the papers a miss today because of a football result I'd rather not remind myself off but thanks to Daniel Jenkins for dropping me a text to let me know that there was a damn good reason to pick up a copy.

The eighty page supplemented is a men's fashion special and features an interview with Dries Van Noten a piece on how the recession is forcing a return to masculinity (more on this in a later post) a selection of buyer's choices for the season and so much more. This really is one of the strongest supplements that I can remember picking up and it certainly caused Susie to turn a shade of green as she looked on enviously at the coverage afforded to men's fashion.

A life in the wardrobe of...Chris Moore

The feature that I just had to mention was 'A life in the wardrobe of...Chris Moore' because it is the type of thing I lap up but unfortunately it is hard to come by. The final page of the supplement is dedicated to a look inside the wardrobe of Chris Moore, a man widely known as 'the King of the Catwalk.' Moore has been photographing fashion shows for over forty years and runs his own agency, (providing much of the blogging fraternity with a look at the action before anyone else) but what does he choose to wear? The feature sees the renowned photographer pick out five of his favourite pieces including, an Aran jumper, a Comme des Garcons jacket, a Christian Dior suit (Hedi era), a Margaret Howell jacket and jeans by Helmut Lang. Moore introduces each item and provides a little background on how he came across each item as well as a little insight in to how the piece fits in to his everyday style. He was fortunate enough to blag himself the Margaret Howell jacket whilst shooting the collection and after they gave it to him he has rarely taken it off. "And they gave it to me. That was a year ago and I've worn it almost every day. It's terribly important that I try not to be overdressed or flamboyant because I feel that a photographer in my type of work should be invisible." As you can tell from our very own 'Style Stalking' feature we love to hear about an individuals everyday style but the 'A life in the wardrobe of...' piece provides a level of personal analysis and insight that I'd love to replicate on the this feature might well be repackaged in the coming weeks. The art of wardrobe building is an evolving process and it would be great to sneak a peek at a number of individuals' sartorial journey. Justify Full


Matthew Spade said...

that sounds like the perfect start to a lazy sunday, shame i've had to work every sunday for the past 4 years. but that is the student was i guess.

and i'm also jealous of the tank sup.

i will some SS some of my work through email soon, so you can get a bit more of an insight into what type of work im up to right now.

James said...

I loved the latest issue of O as well. Plus, it would be great if you did replicate the a life in the wardrobe of feature for the blog so please do it.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Mat Ahoy: Oh my heart goes out to you. My body always needs a quiet Sunday morning to recover. Please do send across your work, we'd love to see it!
James: Good to hear. We will get to work on the feature and will have somerthing to report shortly.


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