Tuesday, 21 April 2009

In Deep Water with Makin Jan Ma

We spoke to Makin Jan Ma earlier this year to discuss his unique approach to menswear and looked at his SS09 collection 'You are my milky way'. For his sixth season the Central Saint Martins graduate returns from outer space and this time takes us on a journey to the deep sea. Makin finds inspiration in creating films, photography, fashion, illustration and poetic words and everything comes together quite beautifully for this collection and I believe this to be his strongest offering yet!

When I first came across these images over on The Fashionisto the set design made me instantly think of Gondry's marvellous The Science of Sleep and creating a desire to play around with clear plastic wrappers so I can travel off on my own imaginary journey.

His Aw09 collection titled 'Give Me Some Deep Water' provides some much needed style to a castaway as sharply cut suits are offered as well as over sized, draped and knotted fabrics. This collection’s script undoubtedly inspires an interesting combination of shapes and patterns.

Oversize outerwear with something of a nomadic feel is combined wonderful with fabrics that drape in all the right places. Makin is known for his prints and this collection features an ocean print sea map print filled with Makin's own imaginary islands. After testing the water with these images I'm certainly game to dive right in but before I do I might reach for a Gondry dvd, how about you?


Anonymous said...

Very Gondry. An interesting collection from a designer who is new to me. Thanks for posting.

we could grow up 2gether said...

i know him, hes such a nice kid! so much talent!

JAMES 3.0 said...

these are amazing! look like the old v. westwood anglomania ads. llurve them.

Ca said...

Sail away! Fun concept to present his collection.


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