Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Style Salvage Exclusive... oki-ni launch their Archive with Raf

Over the last couple of weeks we have been talking to the chaps over at oki-ni and arranging an interview with them which will be posted this week. Before we post that, we have have been entrusted with some exciting news from the guys at oki-ni and been given the right to share it with you before anyone else does... the launch of their Archive feature.

A sneak preview of the feature

Changes are afoot over at the London based online store and the recent site redesign has seen them offer much more than just a pleasant online retail experience. It seems the launch of tech-ni-cal (first up: the Denim guide) was just the beginning and we now have another reason to spend our lunch breaks 'window shopping'.

Creative Director John Skelton reasons "we produced the archive because we wanted to and because we wanted to keep giving you more than just products to buy. We hope to offer a completely unique experience and this is one of the ways we’re trying to do that."

John styling the model in an awesome oversized hood from AW 06/07

The site is now offering their customers a chance to explore labels and genres a little further than just displaying their current collections and ultimately offer an opportunity to find out more about the designer’s history in product. It will act as a point of reference of product information - nothing will be available to buy but people are invited to contact them if they have any product or collections that they want to add. First to be added to the archive is a collection of Raf Simons products including items from his initial mid 90’s collections right up to present pieces, oki-ni plan to add new brands to the archive on a monthly basis. For both of us at Style Salvage a designer is always worth much more than just his current collection and it is always interesting to see how a designer has developed over time. This feature has inspired us to think about creating our own designer archive because the wardrobe should be a piece of art after all.

After launching with a library of Raf Simons products the site is planning to add to the archive on a monthly basis and we can't wait to see who is next.


John said...

Wow, what a great feature! Refreshing to see an online store offering something a little different.

Unknown said...

Such a good idea, and to be frank I'm surprised it hasn't been implemented by any retailer before now - it's crucial to give the customer insight into what they're investing in.

Stoked for the interview.

/Male Mode.

Michael said...

A great idea and I look forward to seeing it.

oki-ni is one of my favourite online retailers

TheSundayBest said...


Matthew Spade said...

hot off the press!

i bought a "jimi" wallet from them the other day, a rubbery money case type thing. i await its arrival.

Anonymous said...

Love love love this idea and kudos for the scoop guys


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