Thursday, 9 April 2009

Style Stalking... The Sunday Best (Part Two)

As we enjoyed part one so much, it is about time we unveiled the rest of TheSundayBest's style diary. Thankfully, Thom's week is made up of eight days so he has treated us 'normal' folk with an extra look.

Day Five:
I really wanted to get more shawl-neck sweaters this year, but this is still the only one I own.

Day Six:
More casual Friday-ness wearing my current favourite piece of clothing - a boiled wool shirt from BBlessing. The scarf was a mistake.

Day Seven:
What I wore to Clack Clack Empire's last night in business. I'm pretty much moving towards dressing like this all the time.

Day Eight:
This is what I look like around the house - baggier jeans, slippers, and occasionally a bowler. Was feeling the -itis coming on.

_ _ _ _

Whilst most of us struggle in the mornings and chuck on any old thing in the bleary eyed darkness (maybe that is just us?), it is quite clear from our style stalking that Thom has an enviable work style and has a keen eye for quality, interesting staples. So, as well as a week's worth of Thom style, we asked him to offer a few shop recommendations and he more than delivered, featuring his picks from three cities:


The Block - Filson, Fillipa K, Coal hats.
350 West Cordova Street, Vancouver

Welcome Home, Eugene Choo - A.P.C., BBlessings, Wesc, Pendleton, Steven Alan - can't afford anything but they often go on sale.
3683 Main Street, Vancouver

Front & Co. - Well-curated consigment.
3772 Main Street (between 21st & 22nd Ave.)Vancouver BCV5V 3N7

Gravity Pope - Carries most brands of shoes you'd want, plus has clothing store next store with Gilded Age and Robert Geller
2205 west 4th ave, Vancouver

Deluxe Junk Co. - Good consignment.
310 Cordova Street, Vancouver

Vancouver Special - Little things for about the house.
3612 Main Street, Vancouver

Jonathan + Olivia - Engineered Garments - only store in Vancouver that carries it.
2570 Main Street, Vancouver


534 Yates Street, Victoria

Value Village - This is the best Value Village I've ever been to - must have bought 40 items from here.
1810 Store Street, Victoria


Blackbird - Currently my favourite store anywhere.
5410 22nd Ave, Seattle

1919 2nd Ave., Seattle

Five Doors Up
4309 university way, Seattle

Buffalo Exchange
4530 University Way NE


Daniel Jenkins said...

Looking great! Really slick.

Tuffer said...

oh, shout out to Blackbird!! One of my favs too, but mainly because it is the only mid-priced trendy fashion boutique for men in like a 500 mile radius of Seattle.

Unknown said...

Really love that vibrant shade of green.

/Male Mode.

SOS! said...

He is rocking the bowler hat and those rimmed glasses!
xx-LJ from SOS!

j said...

Thanks for the Blackbird info. I'm occasionally in Seattle, but have never been there.

Osei said...

please visit

Ca said...

All the outfits look good and smart, but I must the last one is it. Must be the bowler hat, haha.


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