Monday, 23 June 2008

All men need crumpled classics

My favourite look of the shows thus far and it looks so effortless. I need those trousers.

Ordinarily I like to leave the critiques of the shows to and the quick as a flash musings on thefashionspot (their speed and insight never fails to astound me, unfortunately I am stuck at work and am always too late to involve myself) but yesterday's Burberry Prosum show has forced me to feature it. The 'Crumpled Classics' collection beautifully demonstrated how men should layer throughout the seasons. Jumpers over printed shirts, with scarves and light macs in a number of soft, light and thin fabrics were so inspiring.

I have been wanting to experiment layering cardigans ever since I saw it within a label tip off from Nylon Guys a year ago...this makes me want to do it even more!

The colour palette was sullen and somewhat muted and melancholic (something Christopher Bailey has often shown) but the use of prints, textures and cuts added so much visual interest. The show was certainly one of the best styled shows I've seen for a long time. Far from being revolutionary though the show for me demonstrates how men can build and compliment their wardrobe with certain key pieces.

All of the accessories were great but the shoes were breathtakingly awesome...


Elizabeth said...

My dream look for a guy of this build. Sleek, elegant, understated, and just edgy enough.

I love the typography in your header.

TheSundayBest said...

Easily the best show so far. Must get caught up.

Also, I've tagged you awesome two for a meme.

Anonymous said...

The pants! Forgive the cheese but it truly was love at first sight, has anyone seen this innovation before?

Although I wasn't too keen on the collection as a whole the pants more than redeemed it.


Style Salvage Steve said...

The pants were an instant hit for me. Well worth the investment I think. The collection as a whole was wonderful...even the headwear was an improvement (just) on the last show.

Anonymous said...

The bags and shoes were stunning.

I love the deets on the clothes. Bailey always knows how to turn things around without going overboard in a Galliano sense.

I suddenly remember AW 08's feathered sweaters. haha

yuppie hipster said...

oh yes, the prorsum pants are sooo gorgeous. i might have to snatch a pair next year.


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