Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Little darling, it feels like years since it's been here

For the first time in well over week the sun has finally peeped through the seemingly all covering mass of grey. To celebrate this marvellous development and continue the sunglasses theme (as per EJ's scrapbook excerpt below) here are the Raf Simons and Linda Farrow shades. Yes we featured them way back in January...but as the model here is EJ's cousin we had to feature them all over again. This shoot was featured recently on London Kicks (EJ sent me the link; it was my first time on the site and I was pretty impressed) and includes a video of the shades and an undressed Harry looking very bored - see below.

Ok, back to work where I will continue to hum my favourite George Harrison's contribution to songwriting and drive the rest of the people in my office mad.


Kira Aderne said...


a kiss!
let´s exchange links?
you are at my blogroll. if you don´t wanna, please, tell me!
see you!

EJ said...

The boyf's not going to be happy with me having Serge in my head again.

Kira- we're updating our blogroll soon, we'll be sure to add you!


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