Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The style of an English Gigolo

I frequently discuss my love of reading the papers during the weekend. I like nothing more than buying a number of newspaper titles, taking them in to the local greasy spoon (which in fact has well polished cutlery) and flicking through them whilst devouring a plate of artery clogging goodness... then retreating back to my flat to lie on the settee with a cafetiere of coffee and the broadsheets scattered across the floorboards. Ah, domestic bliss.
During one of these sessionsI came across a quite unusual headline and I proceeded to read the article, which you can find online (God bless the Internet). Gigolos have been around for ever, from the Italian puttano to the Japanese hosuto... they were most famously portrayed by that slightly annoying actor Rob Schnedier in Deuce Bigalow which had the tag line: He's not very good looking. But when the lights go out...he's still not very good looking. The chap featured in the article is a little different to Schneider's character, in appearance anyway...

Here is an extract from the book which discusses his style:

Every modern dandy has to choose a style, a look that summarises the sex he’s selling. Mine is part smart sophistication, part dissolute rock star. At the moment I’m favouring a vintage leather fitted jacket worn with a shirt. A gigolo’s choice of shoes is, of course, essential. Experience has taught me that a bad pair of shoes has approximately the same effect on the female libido as an inexpert tongue. Now everyone from office girls to A-listers are giving two well manicured fingers to badly dressed men with beer guts and opting for a good-time gigolo who can look great on their arm and give them a great time – at a price.

It all makes sense to me really. If you are going to pay for one they might as well be dressed well. The shoe and tongue comment did make me chuckle though. I guess this shows that I'm easily amused over the weekend.

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