Friday, 27 June 2008

Lucas Ossendrivjer - Hangover cure

Hangover or not I still can't wait for this chaps collection

I have a sticking hangover and have been complaining to EJ about it all day...and I have to say she has been far from sympathetic. During this state to seek a level of comfort I have been perusing over the show shots over at and the musings over at The Fashion Spot but whatever you think of the shows that have already been all eyes are waiting for the Lanvin show on Sunday. In this seemingly slightly dull interim period (although I have to say the Kilgour show was just beautiful and I am sure I will return to this at a later date) which of course is made worse by the little drummer boy in my brain and the general jelly like feeling of my limbs, we can take some excitement from Dazed Digital's interview with Lucas Ossendrijver - click here to read - not only has he created some of the best menswear (including accessories - do you know anyone who wouldn't sell their Nan for the hi tops?) in recent years but to make me even better, he seems like a very nice chap - to be honest with you I fell in love with him when he was featured roaming the streets of Paris n Fantastic Man a few issues back.

Here's a taster for you...

DD: Is there an ideal Lanvin man/muse?

LO: When I start a collection, I never really think of one type of Lanvin man. We still have our old customers who have been coming to Lanvin for decades to buy their wardrobe. I'm very happy that they still come to buy Lanvin's classic line. When I'm at the shop, I sometimes see these clients who come in and they might not buy the more "fashion" items but they might buy a pair of trainers or a sweater or a cardigan. Then there's the younger guys who come in and buy trainers, T-shirts and shirts. We're very democratic in that sense and it's meant for everyone. It's not for one specific body type or age.


Anonymous said...

Bad link to Lanvin.

StyleSalvage said...

Should be fixed now!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Lucas' collection as well.

And I also fell in love with Kilgour's minimalistic/futuristic treat. It was a superb presentation!

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work! good job and nice site.


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