Friday, 6 June 2008

David James, Superman

Doing the daily internet rounds (daily? Who am I kidding here? At least hourly) I was very pleased to see Brandish reporting about the lovely David James promoting Debenham's Everyman promotion. Between now and 15 June (that's fathers' day folks! Don't forget like I inevitably will) Debenhams will donate 10p towards men's cancer charity Everyman for every item sold in men’s clothing, accessories and fragrance, having pledged to raise at least £100,000. Ok, so 10p does sound like much, but every amount counts.

All this was a bit psychically spooky, however, as just the day before I had been pondering David James and, in particular, his hair.

David James

Even more specifically, I was thinking of the hair style above. Described by press at the time as being akin to Superman's, I just think it's great that a sportsman smartened himself up so much with a classic 30s 'do for a match. This photo may be fairly ancient, but top marks Mr James!


j said...

I'm glad you point out these prostate cancer sites, Steve. This is a serious disease that will affect many of us. Cynic that I sometimes am, I suspect the drug companies are perfectly happy with the current draconian treatments currently available because they make a lot of money selling drugs to poor guys who are left with the outrageous side effects of these treatments.

TheSundayBest said...

As a friend of all things older, especially hair cuts, I cannot endorse this particular 'do. He looks like the villain in a silent film, or possibly McFly.

EJ said...

Thom, you've just described two awesome things. Particularly silent move villian!

(And J, awareness of both testicular and prostate cancer is so important that I just can't pass up the opportunity to post about it... I try to keep SOME link to style though!)


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