Wednesday, 25 June 2008

A Bit of a Boost

As a taller than normal woman (I'm just under 5ft 10, the average man is 5 ft 8) I have a possibly greater interest than most in men's height. I don't care whether someone's shorter than me but it has proven to be an issue with some men. But if you are unhappy with your height, how far would you go to do something about it?
This must be a perspective thing, right?
This ramble is sparked off by several things: these articles in the Times and the Daily Mail about lift shoes and a male friend of mine who wears boots with about an inch heel. I suppose this is one of those cases of 'if it makes someone happy, well let them be happy' but honestly, I think it's making a fuss over nothing. When I discovered the slightly falsely named Tall Men Shoes I was intrigued. I read the 'How it works' page with interest, these are some very carefully designed shoes... then I got to this bit:


  • Be taller, be more handsome.

  • Tall people even earn more! (according to the Wall Street Journal)

  • Well proven, thousands of customers worldwide. "

Overlooking the fact that the last bullet point doesn't address the question at all, do people really, truly believe that taller men are somehow magically more handsome? If you do believe this, I've got something to tell you: it's nonsense! And if you don't believe me, then you should believe 5 ft 6 inch of hotty, Gael Garcia Bernal who views being short as a blessing and not a curse


TheSundayBest said...

You. Just. Made. My. Day. All 5',6" of me thanks you.

(The same height as Gael. Hee hee!)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm before I used to feel bad about not being tall. I guess it was a fashion induced sickness but now I've learned to embrace myself.


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