Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Save the tie campaign

The slow demise of the tie is something that I've noticed during my time working in the big smoke, not just within the offices where I have worked (not that surprising really because the media industry were one of the first to embrace the open neck look) but also more alarmingly during the commute in where I am pressed up against numerous peoples indistinguishable body parts I can see very few ties. Getkempt recently ran the Wall Street Journal article and I've seen enough. A number of articles in recent years have highlighted the decline of the tie and some have tried to explain the reasons why. Kathryn Hughes writing a few back for the Guardian suggested that the tie should be abandoned as ever since the 1880's when the jaunty rowers of Oxford's Exeter College removed the ribbon bands from their hats and tied them around their necks the tie has come to represent class and social divisions. This argument is utter rubbish today. The tie is for everyone and should again adorn neck's one and all. The tie has broken free of the shackles of work/formal wear, no longer confined to being teamed up with bland, ill fitting office suits.


j said...

Like any apparel a good tie is very cool, a bad one is not. But I would like to see other neck ware more formally accepted...bandannas, bows, scarves.

Anonymous said...

Do you wear, doo-rags?


Style Salvage Steve said...

I had too google doo rags as I've never come across the term before. In short I am not Hulk Hogan and I don't think I could pull of the look. I agree that the neck should be adorned by a plethora of accessories (ideally not at the same time).

TheSundayBest said...

HERE HERE. The tie is democratic, it is refined, it is STYLE. And more men should wise up to it.


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