Sunday, 1 June 2008

Turning up (in) the heat

There was a time when I would only contemplate wearing boot cut jeans...thankfully those adolescent 90s days are well and truly behind me. That said I've only recently started experimenting with trouser length, possibly inspired by the shrunken suits of Thom Browne. As the days are getting warmer (but alas currently no sunshine in London at least) I decided to break that old Victorian taboo of showing off my ankles. (as a Google search addict I naturally googled 'Victorian ankles' and I came across this site - man the Internet is a wonderfully weird place)

My experimentation was not merely in the laboratory (my girlfriend's room) but I also took it to the streets of London town. I teamed up my sexy ankles with battered Swear shoes, Unconditional Bibbed T shirt under a Made in England sheer short sleeve shirt completed with Prada glasses and American Apparel black vinyl duffel bag. Please see exhibit A below

When the weather cools down I might even take this further and appease any remaining Taboo holders by wearing colourful socks, in a similar way to this chap featured some time ago on the Sartorialist and the thrifty Elliot Sainsbury featured on the fashion156 blog.


j said...

Yes, I like rolled up pants. But I think it looks better on pant legs that are cut wider rather than on slim cut pants which just makes it look like you are squeezing into your little brother's pants.

Thomas said...

Do it, and do it often. And then - take out your camera and document what other people are doing. You can do it, Steve.

Been thinking about getting my pants tailored shorter...but once you do that, there's no going back is there.

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE this look for guys. Please, please, please perpetuate it!

mgw said...

I'm all for it too and love the examples you've mentioned, especially he of the red socks at the Sart. Ironically, for a post on trousers, the only item of your ensemble you didn't specify was....them! In my (long overdue) attempt to move beyond jeans-as-default-first-choice option, I'm looking for alternatives. Big fan of the blog btw.

Style Salvage Steve said...

J - If I had a little brother I probably would steal his trousers if I could but alas I have to steal my sister's dresses instead.
Thomas - I will follow your lead and document my surroundings...after some dutch courage.
enc - I love this style too and I will do my best to perpetuate it.
mgw - The trousers are by People's Market..they are the perfect (skinny trouser)fit. I just wish that they came with a matching jacket but alas...they don't. I two was a jeans default chap a few months ago but now I'm experimenting with all sorts of trouser cloth. Go on, experiment and let us know how you get on!

Infraredkappa said...

Love this, I'm completely doing a post on the appeal of men's ankles.


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