Monday, 16 June 2008

Monday bloody Monday

I don't know about you, but last week was one HELL of a week for me. Still, changes are afoot here at Style Salvage and now that both Steve and I are fully laptopped we are storming ahead. After the mammoth post that was the Daniel Jenkins interview I'm sure you'll forgive me a quick and dirty links post.

- If there would ever be a celebrity endorsment that's going to encourage me to buy your clothes, telling me that freaking Batman wears them will definitely do the trick. (To give you an idea of how excited I am about this film, this year my birthday is known simply as 'Batman day' as it's the release date)

- Why is it that as soon as it gets towards summer I start longing to wear my winter clothes again? This post by Kempt has reminded me of the loveliness of trench coats, scarves and extraordinarily handsome models.

- Important question time: do I actually like this jacket? I can't tell if it's too much, or just enough.

- I definitely like the chap above courtesy of - who else? - the Sartorialist

Oh, and happy belated birthday Thomas. That's one fine moustache you're growing there.

Oh EJ...I definitely had that Monday morning feeling which continued to stalk me the rest of the day, curses! As EJ and I tinker with the site I keep asking myself why can't I do this more, and work less? I wish. Anyway, back to reality. I have to say that I like Chris Martin's jacket, he certainly has a lot going on but it all worked and it's nice to see him in a bit of colour! The rest of the band (can anyone name another member of Coldplay...anyone?) weren't as fortunate in the styling stakes though.

It might be the Great British weather but I am quite bored of summer right now. All thoughts are on Autumn winter so the getkempt post was most welcome. Last week I was however tempted by a pair of shorts in bstore but realised that I will never get the chance to wear them unless I leave this island!

Congratulations to The Sunday Best's moustache...I wish I could grow one and not look absolutely ridiculous...maybe one day.

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TheSundayBest said...

Will Champion. Then I get lost.

It seems Chris "I'm Gwyneth's partner" Martin had a bit of scene at BBC recently, where he just...up and left the interview because he wasn't enjoying himself. I fear we may be losing Mr. Martin to I'm An Artist syndrome.


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