Thursday, 5 June 2008

Picture postcard: Laid way back

Dear Steve,

While you are off at your trendy party, some of us are watching the launch of series 15,000 of Big Brother (2 of the boys had silver shoes, hmm) and slouching about the house in ridiculously oversized and out of date 'Stop the War' hoodies. Some of us being me. Slobbing about with vague thoughts of summer whirling around my head is probably what drew me to this picture of someone called Karl on Stockholm Street Style. Those darn Swedes! So trendy!

While I'm sure that quite a few people won't like this pic, I do. It reminds me of a scene from An American in Paris where Gene Kelly is dancing around and annoying his piano-playing friend by singing about his new found love for the extremely toothy Leslie Caron... all loose and laid back trousers with a tight fitting vest. While I desperately want to reach into this picture and either roll his trousers up properly or unroll them fully and while I'm not so enamoured of his hair, I love his belt, watch and sunglasses so much that I'll forgive him. Oh, and I really love how his trainers and trousers match and I don't know why!

Anyhows, hope you don't have a bad head in the morning.



TheSundayBest said...

Dear EJ,

This is...not the best look.



p.s. Look in the mail, hopefully by next week.

EJ said...

I knew you wouldn't like this one... I thought maybe I was having a mad evening, but I still like it this morning. I'm not usually a fan of vests, but this one fits really well.

Hooray for post! Hopefully your package will beat Steve's one that he promised me about 2 weeks ago now...

Style Salvage Steve said...

It is certainly a very relaxed look. Not to my taste either but I do like his belt and watch. I wonder how is he holding the bag though?

TheSundayBest said...

Wrist strap.

EJ - by airmail it should be 7-10 business days. So...August then.


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