Thursday, 19 June 2008

Limited Justice

It is a collaboration which has been well documented in blog land but now the results are finally available (even online). Parisian label Surface 2 Air and Justice first got together when Surface 2 Air directed the video 'We are your friends' but now Justice have returned the favour designing a small capsule collection. The result is a a limited edition series of 3 jackets (150 pieces), and 2 jeans, conceived and designed by Parisian duo for Surface 2 Air.

My favourite piece is the Xavier Leather jacket above as I just love the contrasting much so that the zip detail is worth a closer look.

I have to admit though...I wanted to prefer Xavier's solely because I was hoping that I wore it it might empower me to grow a moustache as cool as his. I agree with The Sunday Best that the jeans are better value but there is a certain something which makes all men want to own a kick ass leather jacket (which currently I don't have) and it might just hark all the way back to Brando in 'The Wild One'.

The next collaboration which I'm looking forward to is Topman's Black Trouser Project...moving on from the White Shirt Project a new set of designers are tasked with tackling the menswear staple which is the black trouser... most notably Aitor Throup.


Anonymous said...

I was literally staring at this jacket when I saw it at the ParisTexas blog.

The red details make them really more kick ass!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Why did I have no idea about this?

The jacket is superb. Gah, not only do they make amazing music but stunning clothing too.


Anonymous said...

^ Certainly, DCB!

Justice truly does wonderful music.

TheSundayBest said...

Unfortunately, as I wrote, you'll need 730 euros in spare change...

Pret a Porter P said...

that jacket is impressively gorgeous. its classic and yet different enough to make it a must have. i say if you've got the green, that go for it.


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