Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Advent - Day 16

As we are in the final stages of twilight in 2008 it makes sense to look forward to the coming year. A recent feature in Wallpaper gives us reason to be hopeful in the form of the wind of change sweeping through a number of fashion houses with the influx of new creative directors who are sure to bring a welcome infusion of energy and invention. My favourite appointment has been Kim Jones who has taken the creative reigns at Dunhill which is why he is under box number sixteen on the Style Salvage Advent Calender.

OK, so Kim Jones has been at the helm of this British luxury goods label since March so is this not old news? No. His first offering was a range of leather accessories for Spring/Summer 09 but we have to wait until January until we see his first full menswear collection. The piece in Wallpaper teases me with a brief interview, my favourite Q&A being...

How difficult is it to balance the rich heritage of the brand with bringing it into the 21st century?
If you really look at the Dunhill heritage you will see that there is nothing ‘old’ about it, in fact it is wonderfully modern. Alfred Dunhill himself was obsessed with innovation and new technology, which means that there are pieces in the archive that are just as relevant today as anything I design.

I'm excited to see where Kim Jones who has such a cult following for his refined, casual clothing will take this luxury goods company.


Ian Brown said...

Have you seen this video of Kim Jones A/W 03/04 collection?


Style Salvage Steve said...

No I've not seen this before, thanks for the link. I'm loving the remix of 'Running up that hill.' It is beautiful.


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