Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Advent - Day Ten

Christmas can be an emotional time. We all eat and drink too much whilst spending so much time with our loved ones that at times you just want to escape the clutches (and lips) of that over friendly grandma and find that perfect is an emotional time where we all wear our hearts on your why not accessorise accordingly....

Twenty year old twins Dee and Ricky have been busy this year multi tasking their way into the Marc Jacobs show, making music, creating art and getting photographed by The Sartorialist. The highlight of all that work is of course the Lego heart brooch which you might have seen gracing the chest of Kanye West during the promotion of 808s and Heartbreaks. As well as red, the heart also comes in black or multi-coloured and at $65 (or £40) it is a bit pricey (as it is Lego after all) but it is Christmas and it is awesome so it makes a great gift for yourself...or if you are feeling generous you can always wrap it up for that special someone.

1 comment:

TheSundayBest said...

Seems this Lego broach would make an easy DIY...

when are you entering my contest?


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