Monday, 8 December 2008

An experience with Angels

On Saturday morning Susie dragged me out of bed at ridiculously early o'clock (6:30 am GMT) and before I even had time to wipe the sleep from my eyes, I found myself on a busy train to North Wembley, with the Angels sale being our destination. Susie has already covered the event in great detail and even created a video which shows you just how many people hauled themselves out of bed just like us (there were literally thousands upon thousands) in the hope of filling a plastic bag or five full of costumes and unique vintage pieces from the archives of BBC and Angels.

I must admit that I went there as support for Susie more than anything else, primarily my aim was to stop her from filling too many bags with items that our bedroom just doesn't have room for, or if that failed I would be her chief bag carrier, there was no strong desire to find pieces for myself. Rummaging through cardboard box after cardboard box whilst fending off the reach of others is not my ideal way to practice the art of shopping. I prefer to shop in stores which have beautifully arranged displays, friendly helpful staff and very few fellow customers who just ultimately get in the way of my experience and annoy me. On the most part I wandered the vast but cramped space, sidestepping boxes and crazed women of all ages. However, I did enjoy a few bursts of energy which saw me rummage with the best of them. I found a number of great jackets, including a wonderful navy sailor jacket with brass buttons (veeery similar to this chaps) but it like most of my finds smelt so bad that I gagged a number of times (no amount of Febreeze or dry cleaning would appease that wretched stench!). All was not lost though...

The Angels Sale Jacket is worn with a Tokyo street map pocket square by Muji, check bow tie bought from Hurwendeki, check shirt by COS, purple merino wool jumper from Uniqlo, grey wool wrap trousers by Unconditonal and silver hi tops from bstore.

I did however unearth a two button grey wool blazer which for some time has been something that I've been in search for to add to my winter wardrobe. Fortunately it fits well and has a pleasant odour...all it needs is replacement buttons (which I picked up today - black leather buttons from MacCulloch and Wallis). Upon leaving the sale, we encountered a number of broken bodies surrounded by plastic bags and an even larger queue of anxious looking people waiting to get rummage...after reaching the fresh, cold morning air we heard someone scream behind us, "We're alive and we only have chlamydia." It summed up a strange but fruitful Saturday morning.


TheSundayBest said...

Well played sir. You have the heart of a champion.

Matthew Spade said...

i heard about this the other day, my friend harry was saying he wished he could have got there for today. but sounds like its a bit messy to be honest. at least you came home with a good find. i was thinking of lots of old blue peter presenters clothes from the 70s.

Ca said...

"We're alive and we only have chlamydia."

How charming... haha. Good that you managed to bring home such a fine jacket!

Me said...

look so lanvin!!


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