Thursday, 4 December 2008

Advent - Day Four

Before we inundate you with gift ideas and musings on the festive season, I wanted to hijack the advent calender a little while longer and just share an amazing magazine cover with you for box number four...

Image courtesy of thenonplace

The latest issue of Dazed&Confused Japan features a simply awesome illustrated cover and story by one of my favourite designers Aitor Throup. Throughout 2008 I have periodically returned to Throup's site to marvel at his comic book style sketches so it is a real treat to know that some unseen ones have been published in Dazed Japan. I just need to seek it out either in the basement of the Japan Centre or alternatively online...

My new years resolution for 2009 is to learn (some) Japanese because as Thom Wong keep commenting; 'they do everything better' and it would be nice to tell them that when I manage to get over there.

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TheSundayBest said...

Two references in two posts? Where do I leave the suitcase full of money?

I firmly believe that an English translation of a magazine's Japanese edition would outsell their English version every single time. In fact, a company should start up that just translates Japanese magazines.


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