Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Advent - Day Twenty Three

As always the last few days before the big day move along at a headache inducing speed, my to-do list today is just too long as I pack my bag and head back to the seaside for Christmas. Being at home at Christmas guarantees the following: enough food to feed an army and enough drink to inebriate one as well, the odd argument and that the whole thing will be documented by a room full of photographers... I doubt very much that anyone will have a bag as beautiful as this one.

Image courtesy of Kix-Files and sourced from Selectism

Canon invited the famous Japanese fashion designer Mihara Yasuhiro to design a classic yet stylish (and most importantly practical camera) case for the newly launched PowerShot G10 (which is available in limited quantities in Hong Kong)....Father Christmas if it's not too late I would like both of these please...I've been a good boy (on the most part) this year.


Matthew Spade said...

that is very tasty! the last few days have been so busy with trying to fit in all the last minute shopping and plus i work in an extremely busy shop over christmas too. im working tomorrow so that should be interesting, the christmas spirit seems to go out the window when it comes to shopping on christmas eve.

Anonymous said...

The G10 would be such an awesome gift for Christmas! *drools*

Style Salvage Steve said...

mat ahoy - good luck today! I'm fortunate that I don't have to go out today. My Christmas cheer is always sapped by desperate shoppers bashing me with bags and elbows. I'm just going to watch old films today
Wax - there's still a puddle of drool at my feet! I will try and pick one up when I go to Hong Kong in the Spring

Anonymous said...

i got the g10 about 2 months ago right as it came out and i must say, it is amazing! a friend of mine has the g9 and after using it, i just had to buy the g10! its defiantly worth the price tag! amazing quality!


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