Monday, 8 December 2008

DIY tash

When I saw the Jack Spade for Gap for Colette x Gap moustache gloves my first thought was 'dude, those are so sweet' (yes, I turn into an American teenager when excited). My second thought was 'I could do that'. So, for my DIY/men represent project, I did.

What you will need:
- Gloves
- Felt
- Needle & thread
- Tailors chalk
- Scissors
- Pen & paper

...and it helps to have a mirror.

(I think you know what a mirror looks like)

To start with, I drew roughly the shape of the desired tash onto my felt using tailor's chalk. I had decided to use black felt with grey gloves. The tailor's chalk didn't work brilliantly but it was enough to get the general idea. I then cut out the shape.

As you can see, it turned out a little wonky.


Take two. I figured folding the felt in half, then cutting out half a moustache shape would produce something a little more even. This worked, but was a bit too small.

Small and sweet.

Take three. I had drawn out a half mustache shape on paper and used it as a guide to ensure that the tash was big enough.

Please excuse my freaky fingers.

This time the porridge was just right... um, I mean, this worked. Finally a shape and size that I was happy with!

From top to bottom: wonkers, mini and just right.

Then I put on the glove and put the moustache into position. Because it was felt on wool the tash stuck enough by itself for me to be able to let go and get a real idea of how it looked before fastening it on properly. (this is where a mirror comes in handy. I stupidly kept running into the bathroom to look until I remembered my portable mirror).

Once you're happy with the positioning, it's time to start sewing. I suppose you could use a small amount of glue to stick it on, but I wasn't convinced that this would hold. I just used a few small cross stitches in the middle of the tash- a maximum of 5 minutes sewing (I'm really cack handed and had to keep checking that it was on straight) and then I was done!

Cue idiotic picture:

This time you'll have to excuse both my freaky fingers AND my freaky face. I'm not used to taking photos of myself for the blog. And I was trying to hide my excitement about moustache gloves! Focus on the GLOVES people!


TheSundayBest said...

There is nothing freaky about your face or fing...whoa, what are those! Aaaaahhhh!!!


(Don't hate me.)

Matthew Spade said...

hahaha this is quite brilliant. i know a girl whose got a tattoo tashe on her finger but this is way fun! if you were feeling very fun you could make a different tashe for each finger.

a very impressed mat ahoy

EJ said...

mat- the different tashes are definitely the way forward. I may well end up tash-ifying all of my gloves. Though the big question is: how would you do it to fingerless gloves? ;)

Oh, and Thom- you suck! :P

Matthew Spade said...

that is a question for a brain bigger than mine!

Style Salvage Steve said...

These are way better than I imagined they would be. I actually prefer these than the inspiration gloves! I also enjoyed the Goldilocks-esque tale of the moustache cutting. You have raised the bar for me!

Ian Brown said...


Songy said...

Cool stuff.
Definite conversation starter at parties.

Anonymous said...

You are prrrrrty, truly pretty.

Anonymous said...

awww you are so cute! look at those eyes!

i am soo going to do this... it's perfect!

Ca said...

This is so cute! And nothing's better than cute and easy DIY projects!

j said...

Maybe I'll tr a smile.


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