Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Exciting Designers - Erin Lewis

I love to feature new menswear design talent but blogs like Mensrag do it so much better than I possibly could and always beat me to the post. Fortunately for me Susie is sent a great deal of information regarding new collections from designers across the globe - some of which are menswear...but few are as exciting as Erin Lewis.

The cut of the jackets are some of the most interesting that I've seen in some time and the whole collection is styled to perfection!

According to her biography, like myself Erin was born in one of those seaside towns that they forgot to close but that is where the similarity ends. She initially trained in sculpture but a desire to learn tailoring brought her to the London College of Fashion. Her graduate collection was tailored to Saville Row standards and a collaboration with Dashing Tweeds showed both innovation and tradition - the highlight of which was a Gentleman's Cape in grey lumatwill. The result was a small collection bought by Beams-Japan. Erin sought to make the most of British design sourcing all fabrics and production from the UK.

The true highlights of the collection are the capes. Since missing out on Carolyn Massey's headmasterly cape as part of the recent Topman Lens collection, I have been looking for a cape which would excite and challenge me and Erin Lewis has designed more than one.

Since graduating, Erin has taken a job as head design of the 'Charro' collection at Mexico's leading Eco-fashion brand 'Taller Flora' (founded by Carla Fernandez, the brand focuses on making use of Mexico's skilled artisans, combining traditional textile techniques with contemporary design). Erin Lewis is certainly a name that I will remember and look out for!


Anonymous said...

oh my, mensrag is out of control, but i do think you are quite lucky to have such a fashion savvy lady in your life.

nice collection!

Style Salvage Steve said...

I certainly am! I must admit that I was a little worried at first that it would blow my mild obsession into something all consuming and debt inducing...but so far, so good.

Ca said...

Hmmm... will try to rememebr Erin Lewis. I'm slightly in love with the blue cape in the last picture!

Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

What? Steve is not gay? There goes my fantasy.
Hope the cape is of better quality than the Topman one.

Ian Brown said...

Love the capes. Tiring on winklepickers though.

Anonymous said...

Strange design.


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