Saturday, 20 December 2008

Advent - Day Twenty

Apologies for the late unveiling of box number twenty but I had last minute Christmas shopping to do (which almost killed me) and EJ is at a wedding. To celebrate the fact that my Christmas shopping is now complete, I just had to share one of my favourite Christmas song and video with you all...

Wham's Last Christmas was released in the same year as my birth so I have a special bond with it, unfortunately the song never quite made it to the Christmas number one spot all because of Bob Geldof's project Band Aid. The video and styling is so 80s, I am always mesmerised by George Michael's bouncing mullet. A large part of me wants to re-enact this ski lodge scene with my own friends...maybe next year.

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Ian Brown said...

I'm definitely a Scrooge when the Holidays roll around (humbug), but I glady risk verbal abuse from my friends confessing some love for this catchy Wham song. I'm also a big fan of Bowie and Crosby's version of Little Drummer Boy.


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