Saturday, 6 December 2008

Advent - Day Six

This Christmas, we're going for a different sort of Christmas jumper. In fact, it's not even a jumper, it's a cardigan.
Henrik Vibskiv cardigan from FarFetch

... and what a lovely cardie this one is. Christmas wishes don't come cheap, so allow us a little extravagance for a change (is £244 extravagant? I think I'm a little lame in my hedonism). This Henrik Vibskov bubble cardigan stops just around the knee and would be great for extra layering under your winter coat or over a shirt while you're roasting chesnuts on an open fire... and yes, I will actually be roasting chesnuts this December (though probably just under a grill). Also, as a general note, please wear more blue. Especially this particular shade. Thank you!

P.S. There's currently a competition open to win a £3000 shopping spree at FarFetch- what a great late Christmas present that would be! Details and how to enter can be found here. You have until 30th January 2009!

P.P.S. Steve didn't want me to tell you about this competition so that there would be more chance of him winning. But I am so good to you all that I didn't listen to him. So if you DO win, remember that and maybe buy me a new bag...

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Elizabeth said...

Oh, that is just brilliant!


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