Thursday, 18 December 2008

Advent - Day Eighteen

Ladies and gentlemen, my sore head and heavy cold reliably informs me that we have well and truly in the midst of festive party season. The simple but cute styling of the Lanvin x Acne collaboration is a lesson to us all on what to take to a party...nothing makes a party like flowers for the hostess and a balloon, well for everyone, a party just isn't a party without balloons.

The Lanvin x Acne collaboration has already made me drool all over my laptop once this year following the early glimpses of the denim hi tops. We have had to wait since July to see additional pieces of the collection but thankfully the waiting is over. It seems that alot of people were somewhat desperate for the release because a number of the pieces have already sold out. My favourite piece of the collection is the relaxed fitted double breasted jacket but with the pound so weak against the Euro, this collaboration is a little out of my reach (the prices are certainly more Lanvin than Acne) but if you have not spend all of your money on Christmas the collection is available here.


Matthew Spade said...

ohh im joining you on the drooling, my favorite piece is the indigo denim shirt shown about. prices very much out of my range but still, it's nice to browse!

and the denim hi tops are nicer than they sound.

Style Salvage Steve said...

I'm far from a huge denim fan but I certainly like it here. For the price I expect Lanvin quality but alas it is out of my price range as well...Window shopping and internet browsing is all I can do right now.

Anonymous said...

To be honest I'm a little disappointed by the collection but I agree with you about the importance of balloons at parties.


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