Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Advent - Day Nine

Happy Christmas spelt out in socks by Happy Socks

Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without at least one new pair of socks... at least, it isn't for me. My family have been fully informed of this fact after one terrible year where I didn't get a single pair. Oh god, the memories are coming back! Nooo!

So yes, here's my selection of socks for this Noel...

This classic sock gift set from Tabio covers a few bases.

Yes these are sort of novelty socks, but the aviator shades just merge to create a more abstract pattern from a distance.

You may remember that we wrote about Happy Socks back at the end of October. So where would this list be without a couple of pairs from them? I'm aware that these bad boys are extremely pink, but it's flashes of colour that just might help keep your spirits bright while playing yet another game of charades... and I like this pair as they have a slightly seventies feel.

I love this pair from Paul Smith because for some reason they remind me of Tron in a very good way.

But please, Santa, can I have Joker socks? Please?

UPDATE: The folks at Happy Socks want to make it a Happy Christmas for one of you! They have offered to reward one lucky reader with their preferred choice of four pairs of socks. All you have to do is drop us a comment with your email address and we will enter your name into the Style Salvage prize draw.

EDIT: thanks for all your entries! The competition is now closed!


Anonymous said...

Love the joker pair. They're pretty special!

Competitions are exciting: amy@wolfwhistle.org.

TheSundayBest said...



Anonymous said...

...I feel bad for delurking for such obvious reasons, but rest assured, I am a loyal follower (who happens to really like Happy Socks too)!

colorbalance (at) gmail (dot) com

j said...



Anonymous said...

Happy socks = happy feet.



Matthew Spade said...

well of course, how could i resist.


thats a great selection of socks there, i know what your mean about the tron socks, thats what we will call them now. i nearly bought some tabio socks when i was in london last but i went into uniqlo and they had pretty much there same as it was 4 pairs for £8 or something. that happy socks site is very dream!

Unknown said...

Socks! My favorite!


Freddie said...

oh dear, I am sort of a sock fanatic :o

fuchsiaboy said...

I love the 'everyday' socks from H&M with one for each day. My fave is Wednesday. I don't know why.



Anonymous said...

Gadzooks, what amazing socks ha!

Enjoy following the site.

- Jon

Anonymous said...

Very cool socks, keep doing great work here!


Percy Chatsworth said...

I have heard about Happy Socks in many places and will check out the website now!


Anonymous said...

im not going to use any fancy long words, stuff this message with punctuation (not a semi colon in sight)or try to charm those socks into my possession

i simply need those socks theyd be going to a worthy cause: my toes and my desire to look wicked super cool

pick me pick me pick me please


Uinku said...

Wow, Thanks for sharing the happy socks link with us! Great socks!



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