Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Art attack - Old clothes reborn with paint

The latest issue of fashion156 went up yesterday and it has made me want to roll back the years and get some paint on my clothes. As a toddler we all went home after playschool full of milk and cookies... we would have made a new best friend or acquired a new girlfriend perhaps but more often than not we would dismay our parents by adding paint to our clothes as a result of an over zealous finger painting experience (or maybe that was just me?)... but why not grab the paint again? For thrifty or experimental girls this is nothing new so why let the likes of style bubble have all the fun? For some inspiration check out my favourites from the fashion156 shoot...

Hand-painted shirt and windmill attachment by Deryck Walker

Top hat by CA4LA
Hand-painted silk scarf by Peckham Rye

Like Elliot James Sainsbury we all have a pile of either forgotten, worn out or plain outright bad clothes in a plethora of pale shades so why not breathe some life into them and have fun in the process by playing with some paint. To me no man should wear white jeans... if you have a pair and feel like I do then why not salvage them with a few paint splashes? I particularly want to get my hands dirty and inject some colour into dull accessories. We saw Pilatti use paint to great effect during his s/s 08 collection, I particularly liked his painted brogues...but if that is a little too much why not try turning a pale scarf into a scarf which packs a colourful punch just like the Peckham Rye offering above.


Anonymous said...

Hey Steve

Thanks for the mention. I know what you mean about white jeans, btw- these were a random free acquisition, but who can actually make white jeans work??

I just don't have time in the mornings to match them to a top and shoes... grr...!

Anonymous said...

The Pilati shoes for YSL which references Jackson Pollock was pretty fun!

I wouldn't mind splashing some colour onto my clothes just for the fun of it. haha

Anonymous said...

I am so itching to get my hands on that Deryck Walker shirt!

Style Salvage Steve said...

gianacinephile: The YSL shoes were awesome. A little too much for me thoguh personally. Get the paint out and have some fun..and make sure you post about it!

dcb: The shirt was the highlight of the issue.

TheSundayBest said...

Worldwide paint your clothes day. Think about it.


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