Friday, 6 June 2008

Home again cross the sea

My local beach

I have packed my bag and am off home to Kent for the weekend (although I consider London my home, the mostly depressing and sometimes lovely coastal town in Kent still has a special place in my heart). Going home to me means the sea. I am fortunate to live within a stones throw of the sea. Unfortunately though I'm not really into water sports but I do enjoy sitting on the shore and watching the waves. Being a landlubber by the sea I've grown to like certain aspects of the sea...most recently Boat/Deck shoes. On previous years I used to look at deck shoes with mild disdain, I have no idea why...possibly because they were frequently worn by overweight middle aged men and teamed with some truly awful attire. Away from these men I have grown to love this form of Shoe. Boat shoes/deck shoes you either love them or you hate them (even the name of the them can cause debate)...or so I seems I'm beginning to get the taste of them.

We are the Market via Getkempt turned me on to this line of deck shoes from Journal Standard - you have got to love the colours!

Getkempt recently ran a piece on this somewhat underrated footwear featuring designs from Journal Standard. These shoes offer a perfect example of a good summer shoe. Best worn sock less, they are the ideal summer shoe, so much better than the sandal (which is think are just plain wrong!). I am on the search for the perfect pair, I posted about the BBC Ice creams in March but they weren't quite right for me...I saw an awesome pair of hi top deck shoes but forgot to take note of the make (possibly Visvim) and have even forgot the shop in which I saw them in (damn my memory and shopping too much...if only I had been carrying a bag like this housing my notepad and pen!). Anyhow, I never thought I would be putting deck shoes onto my shopping list but my pencil is my hand ready...

As I'm away for the weekend I will leave you with a bizaare link for wuchess - the first online community which mixes hip hop with the game of chess brought to you by members of Wu Tang.

UPDATE - After further exploration, the hi top deck shoes were by Maharishi and the store where they can be found in store at dpmhi or even better, they are on sale online at maharishi


TheSundayBest said...

First, Wu Tang are all things to all men. Learn them well.

Second, get a pair of deck shoes. Do it. Your feet will thank me.

Elizabeth said...

I grew up with these shoes, albeit in brown. They were the staple shoe in my community. Boy, were they versatile.

thisisnaive said...

Visvim Mowat Moccasins? Possibly spotted in a shop with no signage on Upper James Street?

Style Salvage Steve said...

Thanks for the suggestion little nubrown hare...the girlfriend has reminded me that the shop was dmphi and the shoes were black maharishi double deck shoes.


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