Friday, 3 December 2010

Advent - Day Three

Having focused your festive commercial longing on the latest item that Mr Hare has created (the Exquisite Shoe Horn in collaboration with Bunney) it is fitting to reveal the item that is on his own Christmas wish list...


"I am a simple guy and every year I just want the same simple thing.

A Vacheron Constantin Historique 1955 watch. Its the worlds thinnest precision watch. The movement is only 1.6mm thick and is cast in Geneva hallmarked, 18k Rose gold as is the case, buckle and hands. It is a masterclass in understatement even with the alligator strap. I would even settle for the square Historique 1968 if I had to."

4 comments: said...

lovely watch, i like too!

Indian Sarees said...

Realy Nice watch..

Style Salvage Steve said...

00o00 and Indian Sarees: You both have fine taste! Great to have you back, hope you are s00o00 much better.

Ca said...

A new watch is definitely on my list.


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