Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Advent - Day Seven

After unearthing Kapok earlier this year, it soon became one of my favourite retail discoveries. The stock always presents a well curated selection of European and Asian brands and includes a mouth watering array of my favourite labels while introducing me to a few new ones with each visit. With Kapok, Arnault Castel's objective is to showcase brands that combine creativity and craftsmanship. This small but perfectly formed store is an arbiter of good taste and temptation surrounds you the moment you step through its doors. With this in mind, we just had to ask Castel what he'd like to find under his Christmas tree this year. "As I am quite greedy, I would like to chose two items. One that I need and one that I am quite obsessed about..."


"First, my family is moving to a smaller village in the French countryside so I would need a bicycle to get around. I am looking for a folding bicycle so I can bring it to the beach house in the summer.
I'm not feeling a too "beautiful" design or heritage bicycle, but rather fancy a very simple, practical one. This dutch bicycle seems to be quite perfect"



"The second item is something I absolutely don't need but can't stop thinking about. I have loved the Uniform Wares ranges since their first release, for their absolute simplicity. Their latest version, the chronograph in black needs to be on my wrist very soon (preferably around christmas )! I have never been a watch addict, but now I can understand why people can get crazy about watches"


Matthew Spade said...

oh i heard UW were bringing a new version out, mrs buckets couldn't decide whether to get one of these or a mondrain watch, she went for the mondrain

joy said...

I know one thing, those khaki chinos on the front page of the store are stellar. Really classic.


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