Sunday, 19 December 2010

Advent - Day Nineteen

Whenever I need elucidation on a matter of menswear I know who to turn to. For me, there are few people in this industry who know more than, or are as passionate as, Andrew Bunney. Over the course of the year I have enjoyed a number of lengthy discussions with the designer that have left my tired brain inspired. It could be a discovery of a new label, a particular street wear trend of yesteryear or a method of craft, it matters not a jot because chances are, Bunney knows all about it. In addition to being something of a fountain of knowledge, the designer has had a busy year. Throughout 2010 alone, Bunney has been quietly navigating an elegant and refined men's jewellery offering under his own name, recently joined forces with Daryl Saunders to create British Remains and found the time to produce The Exquisite Shoe Horn with Mr Hare. Here we reveal what he'd like to find under his Christmas tree...


"Isn't it nice when you receive something, and can always remember where and when it came from? All presents are special of course, but best of all I like to have something that marks a moment in time.

For my stocking selection, I choose this small vintage clock, made by Dunhill some time in the 1930s, and beautifully covered with inlaid mother-of-pearl. As tastes have changed and watch sizes increased, it seems better to fit a pocket although I suppose it was designed as a desktop clock. When pressing the two sides, the front windows open and the clock face pops up. In person, you have to appreciate just how simple and tactile this piece is, and the charm that watch making had then which is so difficult to recreate now."


Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

One word: BEAUTIFUL!
That clock is a little treasure, not really a stocking filler hehe
fashion illustrations: said...

ooh a pop up clock... that's well nice!

joy said...

That is such a nifty invention, kudos to Dunhill.

Carnivorous Seaweed said...

wow truly stunning clock.
going to dream about it.


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