Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Advent - Day Fourteen

So, here we are, day fourteen of our Advent calendar and I am full of cold. Despite my incessant sniffles and grumbles, the show must go on. Today we feature the commercial desires of one of the most active men in the industry, Steve Monaghan. Sane Communications is an agency for a selection of some of the finest fashion and lifestyle brands and covetable products on the market. His client list reads like a who's who of menswear and includes oi polloi, Lavenham, Bedouin, Happy Socks and Penfield to name just a few. Here's what's on his Christmas list...


"A walking cane and a field spaniel. The field spaniel would be called Murdoch X and the cane would come from here."


joy said...

It is a beautiful cane but never understood the use in a unnecessary situation.

Joey. said...

You guys missed thirteen!! :)
But loving this blog, been following it for 6 months since i used yout blog as apart of my school assignment :) keep it up!!

Joey said...

woops, i saw thirteen, under twelve. :)

The Velvet Scientist said...

I've never really considered a cane as an accessory, at least for myself. I think it takes a certain kind of man to pull it off.

I hope you feel better soon, I've had a rotten cold this past week, horrible horrible. x


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