Monday, 13 December 2010

Advent - Day Thirteen

Today is not just the thirteenth day of our advent calendar but also Dick Van Dyke day (and the birthdays of our respective partners). So, we will keep posting to a minimum today before embarking on a day of much celebration. Behind door number thirteen on our festive calendar is is the founder and owner of Murdock London, Brendan Murdock.

Established in 2006, Murdock London offers the modern gentleman a relaxing and refined environment to escape the fast pace of city living, leaving looking and feeling better than ever. Each of its four stores combines the traditional elements of a barbershop blended with a contemporary and inviting feel. The product selection at Murdock reflects their interest in artisan manufacture and stylish simplicity, carefully edited, they are brands to discover and desire, not widely available in other retail environments, with many products that are exclusive to Murdock in England. It should came as little surprise then that Murdock has looked close to home for his gift...



"The Murdock colognes are perfect gift this Christmas for the gentleman who likes a classic reinvented. Each cologne is distinct with its own suggestive personality – the British bohemian, the curious adventurer, the louche dandy, the wanderlust traveller all sharing common convictions of quality, confidence, style and individuality. I believe these words define the Murdock Man, and who says a modern gentlemen can't indulge in a few simple fragrances? Just like life our colognes are reassuringly complex and deeply engaging..."


Anonymous said...

What a shill.

Hate it when advertising poses as independent blog posts, which (be honest) half of these things are.

Come on man. You should know better.

joy said...

Hehe I like the guy above. I also like the idea of the black tea cologne.


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