Friday, 24 December 2010

Advent - Twenty Four

Whilst nurturing some of the best menswear design talent in the capital and beyond, b store have been merging art, fashion and design seamlessly for a number of years now. With each visit to the Savile Row institution, there is the chance to discover a new designer, an exhibition, a magazine or even just a moment when you talk to them and leave with something new. You can always expect to be surprised when you visit the store. Here's what's on Matthew Murphy's Christmas list...


I love these classic set of french copper pans made by the Pierre Vergnes Family..........perfect for oven baked ham and eggs, 'Leila's cafe' style!


Most of Santa Maria Novella's cologne's are beautiful..... but I like to alternate Vetiver and Sandalwood, which is my current favourite..... The original store in Florence is amazing and is where I first fell in love with the fragrances.


j said...

Merry Christmas, Steve. I bought every Christmas item you suggested and they are now foreclosing on my home!

N-ko said...

Merry xmas first of all...Santa maria novella perfumes is one of the things that make me proud to be from florence...made a review of 39 39 on my blog s well please check it out!

Style Salvage Steve said...

J: Merry Christmas J. Ha, so pleased that you got in the festive spirit. As they foreclose your home, tell me quickly, what was your favourite buy?
N-ko: I use one of their bath oils and love it. I must pick up a frangrance for myself next time I'm in Florence. Pleased to hear that you like 3939. I'm itching to go back to pick up a few more bits.

snappy said...

Those copper pots could almost make me want to cook. If nothing else, they'd just look great on my stove as an accessory. Very snappy.
Happy New Year Steve! Hope your holidays were fun and festive!
snappy x

wylie heiner said...

Hello! I sent you an email! I was wondering if you would ever sell your KZO unstructured blazer? My mom was supposed to buy it for Xmas but did not... I managed to save enough money to buy it myself though! Please consider! I would put it into really good use!


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